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cheese and tomato


pepperoni, keema, chicken, donner


garnished with onions, garlic, tomato and spices to produce a flavoured




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  • Disappointed. Ordered a large curry for £2 more and it was in a half full tray. So I paid for a larger tray? Smashed up papadum in a plastic bag and nan bread was hard and chewy.


  • Cant rate as order not delivered and no word from restaurant to tell us


  • Honestly the worst food ever i mean when the driver gave me the pizza he had to put something under the box because it was so soaking wet pizza was falling through my onion rings were soggy and chewy my chicken nuggets have never seen a chicken in there life and the burger wasnt even cooked if hungry house had any self respect they would remove this joke excuse of a takeaway from there app because it is truly disgusting i feel sorry for u people who are reading this after ordering. Dont do it its grim!


  • food was late and cold. rubbish service. never again. not even so much as an apology


  • Due 9:51pm ... called at 10:10pm and said they would be 15 minutes said sorry and would send FREE bottle of coke. Order arrived at 11pm .. no FREE coke and no garlic sauce as requested in our order. First time trying...never again. Called them and they have closed up for the night


  • Spot on as this place.if you love kebabs the king kebab on naan with extra cheese i highly recommend


  • Best kebabs we have had in a very very long time.


  • Great tasting food, huge portion and fast delivery A+++++


  • i have 7 children and myself and partner my children can be very fussy buthad no complains about our meal lovely food and good price thanks again will be using you again


  • This is the most vile takeaway I have ever been given. I ordered mushroom bajis but the first one tasted so disgusting I had to spit it out, it tasted gone off. My chips were flat cold, but over cooked and rock hard. I ordered a Prawn Korma with boiled rice but was sent another type of Prawn Curry. I didn't want to complain so tried to eat it but the rice was dry/hard, the curry was extremely watery and contained nothing but sauce and a few very small prawns. Whilst trying to eat the curry, that was pretty tasteless, I found 3 hairs in it. I've set the whole thing aside and will never be ordering from this take away again.


  • Without question one of the worst meals I have ever had delivered. A barbecue chicken pizza that was literally a chicken pizza with bbq sauce squirted on the top,incredibly soggy and unpleasant all round were our pizzas..... The cheese chips were actually quite funny,if you were in a cartoon.was a carton shaped wedge of melted and solidified cheese (lots of it to be fair) with a few chips sticking out. The normal chips were limp, soggy double cooked and generally unpleasant, oh and cold. ... It was delivered quickly and the delivery guy was nice n friendly but the food was horrid.


  • Worst ever meal. Korma no coconut, made with milk! peshwari Nan sweetened with sugar not coconut, absolutely awful meal! Never again!


  • The pizza was alright, however that Ferrero Rocher cake dessert..was very dry! Like it been there for a while! 😫😕


  • Very late. Curry had leaked and was almost pure water. A total waste of money.


  • Apple crumble was MOULDY in the middle i threw up when i took my first mouthfull 😷😷😷 the chicken korma was like rice pudding WILL NEVER ORDER AGAIN WASTE OF MONEY!! NOT TO MENTION HEALTH RISK